Saturday, 16 February 2008



Several Books-on-the-Go at the moment - and a couple finished and waiting for processing!

Most surprising for me is Conrad's 'The Secret Agent'.
I'll give a full review at a later date (- I've set the reading of it as an exercise for a student and don't want to give too much away).
I've only re-read the first couple of chapters and I either hadn't realised the humour before - or had forgotten it.
Maybe I've become more sensitive to issues of weight too - the description of the 'agent' is pretty damning - the word 'pig' was used!

As I type there is a Shakespeare to be worked on - Henry VI part III. (It's next to the computer, glaring at me with an accusatory eye!)
I am slowly going through the History Plays in the order they were thought to have been written - and this is, perversely, the second. I've decided to use the Penguin Shakespeare edition - as this seems a sound work throughout.

The third book I am working on is a 'request': Virginia Woolfe's, 'The Waves'.
Many consider this to be her masterpiece - and although I might prefer 'To the Lighthouse', I ain't going to pooh-pooh the experts.

I've just finished another fantasy - in the Fforde, Thursday Next series, and I feel an excursion into the world of essays coming on (bit like the reaction to a suspect oyster).

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