Saturday, 16 February 2008



Several Books-on-the-Go at the moment - and a couple finished and waiting for processing!

Most surprising for me is Conrad's 'The Secret Agent'.
I'll give a full review at a later date (- I've set the reading of it as an exercise for a student and don't want to give too much away).
I've only re-read the first couple of chapters and I either hadn't realised the humour before - or had forgotten it.
Maybe I've become more sensitive to issues of weight too - the description of the 'agent' is pretty damning - the word 'pig' was used!

As I type there is a Shakespeare to be worked on - Henry VI part III. (It's next to the computer, glaring at me with an accusatory eye!)
I am slowly going through the History Plays in the order they were thought to have been written - and this is, perversely, the second. I've decided to use the Penguin Shakespeare edition - as this seems a sound work throughout.

The third book I am working on is a 'request': Virginia Woolfe's, 'The Waves'.
Many consider this to be her masterpiece - and although I might prefer 'To the Lighthouse', I ain't going to pooh-pooh the experts.

I've just finished another fantasy - in the Fforde, Thursday Next series, and I feel an excursion into the world of essays coming on (bit like the reaction to a suspect oyster).

Monday, 4 February 2008

Reprobates of the World: UNITE!

You have nothing to loose but your shillings!

Came across this looking for an alternative to El Prat - and not disappointed.

A bit of a mix between fantasy and horror - twinges of King in there: And the sort of tramp you'd expect to find in waiting for Godot.

I also had certain doubts as to the political correctness of certain elements - distinctly racist touches I thought - but then dismissed them as irony - and then thought about whether they actually were ironic.

Not a belly laugh but certainly amusing - especially when you get to my age and start identifying with some of the more reprobate characters! Omally and his friend, Pooley, lead the sort of drunken existence that is the dream of many respectable males but which is impossible to sustain without serious damage to ones health and family.

(Does make you wonder about male fantasies and their (our) grasp on reality - and wonder if women can really appreciate the need for the innocent bonding of extreme alcohol abuse.)

Be warned though: Pre-decimalisation money (and I loved it).